#149 - Joshua Chin, CEO of Chronos Agency

In this episode, Miro talks to Joshua Chin, co-founder and CEO of Chronos Agency. In this episode, they will talk about the important role of email marketing for businesses, and how it could help your business earn more. Highlights

· What does Joshua say about being a sole proprietor?

· What is the best way grow your organization/business?

· What is Vivid Vision?

· How did Joshua start on his business?

· What is the best way to build connections and sell a marketing business?

· Does email marketing still work?

· What is the difference between a normal newsletter and optimized email?

· Quantity or quality, what is the better option for making a campaign?

Key Points

· In setting up a business, get people better than you, work together with them, and grow your business as you and your team grow together.

· The important thing in email marketing is sending to your clients the right promotional message, fit for their preferences, at the right time they’d need the product.

· Data collection, interpretation, and utilization is vital for marketing success.

Tweetable Quotes

· “When there’s a customer willing to pay cold hard cash, that is the best market validation they can get.” – Joshua Chin

· “Just give something a shot, especially if its super low risk, like learning something new… making new connections. ”- Joshua Chin

References Mentioned

· Check out his LinkedIn account at www.facebook.com/joshua.chin.jl

· Check out his company’s website at