#153 - Kevin Maahs "World Series of Poker" Interview.

OVERVIEW During this episode, Kevin “The Tank Commander” Maahs, World Series of Poker finalist who won over a million dollars talks to your host Miro Wcislo. Learn Kevin’s story and how winning 5 th in the World Series of Poker created an avenue for various possibilities and for Kevin to learn more about himself. Episode Highlights ? Did World Series of Poker create a risk for Kevin’s safety? ? How did World Series of Poker change Kevin’s life? ? How is Poker similar to Kevin’s life? ? Why does Kevin want to go back to school? ? What was Kevin’s strategy in playing Poker? ? Why does Kevin want to start a financial company? ? How do you avoid addiction? ? What is difference between treating poker as a hobby and being addicted to it? ? What are the financial aspects in poker that are applicable to everyday life? ? What are misconceptions about poker? ? What are misconceptions about World Series of Poker? ? Why didn’t Kevin get any sponsorships? ? How is life after World Series of Poker? ? What are Kevin’s dreams? ? What are Kevin’s favorites? Key Points 1. Love the journey and continue to grow and strive. 2. Always have a mindset and think rationally. 3. Have a goal, take a risk but prepare for the worst. 4. Save and invest, it’s never too late. Tweetable Quotes ? “You do it because you love it.” ? “I like learning what I don’t know yesterday.” ? “Money has created an opportunity for me to find what I want to do.” ? “Luck is 25%, skill is 75%.” ? “I bought my freedom away from a lifestyle not doing something I liked doing.” ? “Money is a tool that gets you to another goal.”