#168 - Marc Wachter - Founder of Live Ultimate

During this episode, Mark Wachter, founder and CEO of Live Ultimate talks to your host, Miro Wcislo. Find out how you live your life to the ultimate possible way and how you create value with it.

Episode Highlights:

Is network marketing our future?

What are your thoughts on pyramid schemes?

How did you get past your mentality towards pyramid schemes?

How do you know when to shift your business’ direction?

How do you create value in your business?

What does their business name mean?

What is network marketing?

Is network marketing sustainable?

How do you build a sales organization?

What inspired Marc to create his brand?

What is the ultimate elixir?

Why did Marc leave law?

Why did Marc focus on entrepreneurship?

How do you attract consumers?

What is Marc’s opinion towards fitness fads?

What should people be eating to keep healthy?

Are there too many standards for products nowadays?

How did Tony Robbins affect Marc’s life?

What are Marc’s favorites?

Key Points:

Being an entrepreneur is challenging and risky, it requires skill in different areas to build a business.

If you build it, they will come. All you can do is create the best possible products with uncompromising standards that would attract people.

Trust your instincts and keep evolving.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Learn when to pivot.”

“If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, create value.”

“Network marketing can give people the ability to start a business quickly without the risks.”

“The foundation of peak performance in life in all aspects of life begins with a healthy alkalis body.”

“We have a true Northern statement and begins with the words, with uncompromising standards and the belief that we must continuously evolve.”