#174 - John Cormier "Watchfacts" Interview

During this episode, John Cormier, WatchFacts founder and CEO, talks to your host, Miro Wcislo. Find out what watches signify and if luxury items are worth investing in.

Episode Highlights:

Will watches ever go out of style?

What does your watch represent?

How did WatchFacts come to be?

How did they pivot from luxury watches to luxury goods?

Why did John get a career with watches?

How did WatchFacts gain the trust of big companies?

Why did John co-found WatchFacts?

How do WatchFacts audit the items being sold and bought?

How is an item considered a collectible?

How did the release of smart watches affect John's line of business?

What are the biggest threats of the luxury goods industry?

Are luxury goods worth investing in?

How do you determine pre-owned goods worth purchasing?

What are John's favorites?

Key Points

People want to have a trusted experience

Set long term and short term goals to put yourself in the direction you aim to be.

Diversify your product offering.

Tweetable Quotes:

“A watch is a statement piece that says a lot about you.”

“If you buy something used, you buy someone else’s problems.”

"Watches is a niche market."

"Watches will always have a place in the world of things."

Resources Mentioned:

Visit John’s website at : https://www.watchfacts.com/