#177 - Dane Maxwell - Start From Zero

During this episode, Dane Maxwell, author of the book, “Start From Zero”, talks to your host, Miro Wcislo. Find out how Dane overcame his past bad experiences, and how he came up with solutions for start-up companies.

Episode Highlights:

How would Dane double his money in one day?

How do you get money fast?

What is failure?

What does Dane do when product ideas fail?

What is a client lunch box?

How many times did Dr. Seuss fail?

Where can we truly find freedom?

What can honesty give our lives?

Why do we need to recognize our identity?

What is success all about?

Why is Dane an entrepreneur now?

What gives the best idea for a business?

Why does the mechanism not matter to starting up a business?

Key Points

Be honest with yourself, and believe in things you can do, and your problems will solve themselves.

Never stop reaching for your dreams because of failure, failure will always be there, it's up to you how to pick yourself up, look beyond, and continue striving towards achieving your goals.

Tweetable Quotes:

“According to the American Payroll Association, they found out that 74% of people would be in trouble if they didn't get their next paycheck.”

“You don’t know failure is a choice until you have the meta condition that the ability to see your own thoughts and recognize that those thoughts are who you are.”

“If you’re not good and you try three things and you give up, you’re stupid.”

“It’s always worth it. You don’t ever lose a damn thing if you’re following you’re heart.”

“Success isn't personal. It doesn’t mean anything about you.”

“We become very wealthy by solving very painful problems.”

Resources Mentioned:

Visit his website at


Check out his podcast at


Check out his book Start from Zero: Build Your Own Business and Experience True Freedom