#43 - "Brandon Elliott Interview"

In this episode, Miro talks with Brandon Elliott a real estate investment entrepreneur and host of "Ready, Set, Go! Podcast" Brandon went from house arrest to buy and hold investor with investment properties out of state that have a 60%+ CCR, ( cash on cash return) through passive cash flow rentals. The strategy he uses is famously known as the "BRRRR" method, which stands for buying a distressed property at a discounted rate, remodeling the property, renting, refinancing, and repeating the process. With this strategy, Brandon has taken advantage of having little to no actual money into his personal deals. Brandon is a huge advocate of leveraging credit eliminating all excuses for not having enough funds to get started in real estate investing. He is the host of the famous "Ready. Set. Go. Real Estate Investing Podcast" which is intended to help educate, motivate, and prepare people to take action in their first or next investment property.

Brandon Elliott