#5 - Allison Melody Interview

Allison is an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness, and food. Her passions have led her into the fields of filmmaking, motivational speaking, and podcast hosting. Melody Productions, her film production company, has allowed her to direct, edit, and produce documentaries, PSA’s, commercials, and viral videos about social justice, human rights, and public health for many clients. Allison also speaks at events across the US and Europe including Podcast Movement, High Vibe Live, New Media Summit plus many more. Currently, Allison is hosting The Food Heals Podcast that brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best kept natural secrets to becoming a hotter, healthier, happier YOU! Allison lives in West Hollywood with her husband, Dan, and their two dogs, Charlotte and Jackson.

Allison Melody