#78 - "Emily Chadbourne Interview"

Emily Chadbourne is unashamedly human. She believes that ‘feeling all the feels’ is part of being human and that life is not a problem to be solved, but a paradox which we must learn to manage. She has traveled the globe to find out everything she possibly could about happiness – what it takes to live a mindful life and how to nurture the relationship with self to live wholeheartedly in this crazy thing called life. Emily is taking the world by storm, getting real about how to have phenomenal relationships and how to consciously create the life of your dreams. She has a full-on-zero-BS approach to life, love and business and helps women across the globe find true love through self-love. More recently, Emily has begun sharing her personal and professional transformation with other women so that they too can adopt some of the mindset strategies that Emily has applied to great success in her personal and business growth. Emily’s honest accounts of the REAL world of business and relationships are often hilarious and always valuable. Originally from London, Emily now lives in Melbourne where she works internationally as a coach, author, and speaker.