#96 - "Andre Popa Interview"

In this episode, Miro talks with Andre Popa. Born in Communist Romania, immigrated to the USA at the age of 9! No English and no Money! Would pick food out of dumpsters behind supermarkets representing a very humble beginning! Learned that opportunities exist everywhere, even in the trash! The Entrepreneur journey began early on, selling newspapers, puppies, avocados, vitamins, computers, etc... Bought first piece of Real Estate at the age of 25! Bought a European Restaurant at age of 26! Met Tami at age 30 and it was officially game on, as there were now 2 Entrepreneurs attacking life! In the last 19 years together, we have built a great Family unit with 2 Badass Entrepreneur Daughters, many traditional businesses, lots of Real Estate and a few Network Marketing Teams that have created some long term friendships and Legacies!