#93 - Greg Layton Interview "Chief Maker"

In this episode, Miro talks with Greg Layton "Chief Maker", author, and business coach to some of the leading companies in Australia and abroad. Greg has spent most of his life seeking adventure and dreaming of making a big difference in the world. He has developed an incredible thirst to help people from all walks of life to become their greatest self. He firmly believes that we ALL have the potential to achieve our dreams and leave a lasting legacy if we follow the right steps. Over the years, Greg has done some pretty epic things including: • Training with the Shaolin Monks in the remote mountains of China • Running 250km Ultra Marathons across the Gobi and Atacama Deserts • Advising CEOs & executive teams of multi-billion dollar companies • Working as a high-performance coach for the QLD Reds Super Rugby team • Writing an Amazon best-selling book - ‘Chief Maker’ • Hosting top-rating iTunes podcast, The Inner Chief and The Universal Man • Interviewing a huge number of inspiring Gurus, Chiefs & Entrepreneurs