#155 - Jayme Bella - "Greenerways Organic"

OVERVIEW During this episode, Jayme Bella, the Founder of Greenerways Organic talks to your host Miro Wcislo. Learn how Greenerways Organic came to be and find out why their products are considered one of the best USDA Certified Organic insect repellant and cleaning products on the market. Episode Highlights ? Is being organic a fad? ? What are the steps in living organic? ? What are different organic products? ? How did Greenerways Organic come to be? ? What are the 3 categories of Greenerways Organic products? ? What is the difference between non-GMO and USDA organic products? ? What is the negative effect of sunscreen to the human body? ? What is the significance of positive reinforcement and relationship between employer and employees? ? How does employing family and friends affect business? ? What are Jayme Bella’s favorites? Key Points 1. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you shouldn’t put it in your body. 2. Make your employees lead and make decisions to come up with new ideas. 3. Don’t expect anybody to do anything you wouldn’t want to do. Tweetable Quotes ? “Being organic is a way of life, it brings me back to Nature and strips you down all the toxins and chemicals that clouds your judgement.” ? “Less is best, keep it simple.” ? “When you don’t have ton of products in your routine, it makes it very easy to pick up and go.” ? “We’re answering everyday problems with affordable healthy solutions.” ? “Everybody feels like they’re growing their own business.” ? “Be a doer, not a dreamer; it’s taking a step and doing it.” Resources Mentioned ? Check out https:/www.greenerways.com/