#122 - CBD, Hemp Oil & Natural Wellness w/ Ret Taylor Co-Founder of Ned

In this episode, Miro talks with Co-Founder of Ned a natural wellness company. As Co-Founder of Ned, Ret is inspired by his passion for natural remedies and empowered by his fourteen years as a successful entrepreneur. Prior to starting Ned, Ret worked to bring greater environmental stewardship to Saudi Arabia, co-founded the Green Building Council of Brazil—the country's leading voice for sustainability, and taught thousands of New Yorkers how to reconnect with nature and move naturally through the city's most popular Meetup group, MovNat NYC. Most recently, Ret spent a decade as Founder and CEO one of the leading sales groups in the hospitality furniture vertical. Ret is most passionate about experimenting with and helping people thrive through the powers of nature, nutrition and movement.