#80 - "Tommy Berretz Interview"

In this Episode, Miro talks with Tommy Berretz. Founder of Project Punchline, for purpose comedy and entertainment company that operates to benefit charity, and up and coming entertainers. Tommy also runs “Sellable” a company focusing on coaching business owners to make their company viable for sale. Fourteen years ago, while working in a bar as a bar back washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, and mopping up puke he started a business in his apartment. Tommy grew that business into a multi-million-dollar business with over two hundred employees. He sold that business in 2017 for over seven figures. This gave him and his wife the ability to move from Houston to LA to chase his childhood dream of being a comedian, actor, producer, & serial entrepreneur. Currently, he now owns two businesses, Project Punchline & Sellable, and is also producing a feature film. Tommy and his beautiful wife, Denah Berretz, are expecting their first baby girl this month.