#171 - Yelp For Business 5 Pros & 5 Cons

In this episode, Miro breaks down Yelp for Business with 5 pros & 5 cons.


1 - It helps with your SEO for Google

2 - You can optimize your page to get ranked higher and have a dedicated account rep

3 - There is a very loyal following out there that specifically only use businesses ranked high on Yelp

4 - If you have an actual site/location and can use the "Check In" feature - take advantage of the offers and possible reviews

5 - It is FREE 99 - be sure to claim you business as it is linked to other websites/search engines


1 - The pay per click Ad platform might not be best for slow times and for newer businesses

2 - The algorithm in place for "hiding" reviews is a tough one to beat - DO NOT ASK FOR REVIEWS (not as fair for service companies with no physical location)

3 - Not the cheapest - can't just do $10-$20 promotions like on some platforms

4 - You get a constant salesperson calling/emailing you to try to get you to pay for more Ads

5 - There are other options out there

Let us know about your experience with Yelp, was it right for you?

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