#172 - Ellis Henican "Author & Columnist" Interview

During this episode, Ellis Henican, television and radio commentator, New York Times bestselling author, and columnist at Newsday, talks to your host, Miro Wcislo. Find out how to be relevant in the ever-changing world.

Episode Highlights:

How long was Ellis in Fox?

How did Ellis’ childhood affect his career?

How did social media platforms affect Ellis’ career?

How do you reach your audience?

How do you stay relevant in the changing society?

Why did Ellis shift his career?

How do you think entrepreneurially?

How do you find allies in business?

How do you convince your audience to keep coming back?

How much are people willing to spend for services?

What qualities do you need to capture the attention of your audience?

Why do people avoid subscribing to online platforms?

Can things start making their way back soon?

What is Ellis’ opinion on privacy?

How can one keep a positive outlook?

What are Ellis’ favorites?

Key Points:

Enjoy the challenge of trying your best in front of an audience.

Balance your work and personal life.

Learn to operate and adapt to changes.

Tweetable Quotes:

“I have one or two marketable skills in my life - talking and writing.”

“A short tweet is different from what you can do in a 300 page book, but it connects”

“In my work life, I’m never really done.”

“I was a guy who liked doing new stuff.”

Resources Mentioned:

Visit Ellis’ website at : http://henican.com/

Check out his Facebook account at : https://www.facebook.com/henican

Check out his Twitter account at : https://twitter.com/henican