#165 - Chris Johnson "On Target Living" Health and Wellness

During this episode, Chris Johnson, speaker, author, and founder and CEO of On Target Living talks to your host, Miro Wcislo. Find out if your fitness regimen is for you and if you’re living your best life. Episode Highlights: Are you living your best life? How is Chris’ family life? What is the American dream? Why focus on the health industry? What are Chris’ interests? Did living in Michigan affect Chris’ interests? What was the best decision Chris made for his career? Why did Chris turn down opportunities in the 80’s? What was the turning point in Chris’ life? How did bodybuilding affect Chris? Why do people push themselves too much in the gym? Is rejuvenation important in gym? What are fitness fads? What are scary trends in fitness? Are you eating the right kind of food? What would Chris change in his diet? How important is discipline and rest in fitness? Where does Chris gets his inspiration? What are Chris’ favorites? Key Points: Don’t let society pressure you to be something you aren’t. Find your strength and be who you are. If you do good in what you do, maybe you can make a living out of it. Consult with experts when it comes to your health. Tweetable Quotes: “Do something you always wanted to do.” “Chase your dreams, because you’re going to wake up in your 50’s and ask yourself, is this all there is?” “It always takes practice and repetition.” “Always know what you need to know before doing anything." Resources Mentioned: Visit Chris’ website at : https://ontargetliving.com/ Check out his Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/ontargetliving/ Check out his Twitter page at : https://twitter.com/ontargetliving/ Check out his LinkedIn account at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisjohnson19 Check out his book On Target Living Nutrition: The Power of Feeling Your Best Check out his book On Target Living: Your Guide to a Life of Balance, Energy, and Vitality


#164 - Craig Schmell - "THE UNINVITED: How I Crashed My Way Into Finding Myself"

During this episode, Craig Schmell,business owner, advocate, and author of The Uninvited: How I Crashed My Way into Finding Myself talks to your host, Miro Wcislo. Find out how goodness in one’s self changes a person and how its begins the road to self love. Episode Highlights: Why does money talks nowadays? When was the first time Craig failed? Where did Craig grow up? What is bomb golf? Why did Craig sneak off to nightclubs? How does small tokens nurture relationships? Does Craig encourage people to go to College? Why did Craig change his life at 28 years old? Was a college degree important at Wall Street? What does ego do to our happiness? Would you rather be happy or right? Does society affect our decision making? How do you separate work from your private life? What does fear do to people? When did Craig’s life change? How did Craig become the man that he is today? How does Craig try to live in the past 29 years? What are Craig’s favorites? Key Points: Little acts of kindness nurtures relationships, saying Hi and smiling goes a long way. Most people who react with emotion doesn’t respond with intellect. Not all our negative projections come true, better think positively. What you give to the world will find a way to come back to you. Tweetable Quotes: “If you have a name of somebody, it gives you credibility.” “People love kindness.” “Most people are taught wrong things at a young age.” “The world will probably get worse before it gets better.” “Most people want to be right, little care about being happy.” “Less is more, you never make anything better by making something worse." “Low self esteem leads to unstable acts.” “If you feel unworthy of goodness, then you won’t do good deeds.” “Think of yourself less in doing for others.” Resources Mentioned: Visit Craig’s website at : https://www.iamtheuninvited.com/ Check out his Instagram account at : https://www.instagram.com/iamtheuninvited/ Check out his Facebook account at: https://www.facebook.com/iAmTheU/ Check out his YouTube channel at : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFH680Q92EaEUzYRmbwhgFA/videos Check out his book: The Uninvited: How I Crashed My Way into Finding Myself


#162 - Brian P. Moran "The 12 Week Year"

In this episode, Brian Moran, author and Founder of 12 Week Year, talks to your host Miro Wcislo. Learn how to get things done effectively and efficiently without compromising time. Find out the solutions used by professionals to accomplish projects. Episode Highlights • What is the 12 week year? • What is it with 12? • What is the disadvantage of annualization? • What does Brian focus more on? • Can there be too many entrepreneurs? • What to do next after an influx of information? • Why must we take control of our own day? • What is a scarcity mindset? • How can the 12 week year help you in your diet? Key Points 1. Put more effort on few things, because it will get the first things done, and once you get going, it will be much easier to accomplish the complex ones. 1 percent of something is still better than 0 percent accomplishment. 2. We can all accomplish difficult tasks without any help. We just need to do the fundamentals things first, so that the difficult ones, become easy too. 3. Instead of deciding depending on the situation, plan out your whole day and let the situations change according to your preferences now. It’s a surefire road to success as you will limit yourself not from time, but from failures. Tweetable Quotes • “If you’re killing it every 12 weeks, the annual stuff takes care of itself” – Brian Moran • “If the average person did more than what they already know, they’d have better health, they’d have better relationships, they make more money… without learning anything new.” – Brian Moran • “Will it be as big as impact as Elon (Musk) or Thomas Edison? Who knows?! But you’re having an impact, and that’s what counts.” – Brian Moran • “If you don’t take control of your day, you’re gonna be consumed by it.” – Brian Moran • Resources Mentioned • Check out Brian’s new book, “The 12 Week Year” • Check out his website at https://12weekyear.com/ • Check out the website he suggested for health and fitness at ontargetliving.com • Check out his upcoming book at accountableleader.com • Check out another book of his, Periodization: 12 weeks to Breakthrough


#160 - Forbes Riley "Spin Gym" Interview

During this episode, Forbes Riley talks to your host Miro Wcislo. Learn what professional help can get you, and what it can do to improve your way if life towards success. <p> Episode Highlights <p> • What does “Forbesed” mean? <p> • What do you really want? <p> • How do you get what you really want? <p> • Where do we get our “operating system”? <p> • Why do we need professional help? <p> • What are professional coaches for? <p> • What do your coaches see on you? <p> Key Points <p> 1. Nobody really cares about you, therefore you make changes and things for yourself. What you want is what you want for yourself, not for other’s sake. <p> 2. When you do get professional help, always accept what they ask you to do, after all, you paid them to help you, and they know what really needs to be done. <p> • “The truth is, nobody really cares about you…If you actually want it, you’d get it” – Forbes Riley. <p> • “Life comes down to if you don’t clear what you want, you’ll just get leftovers.” – Forbes Riley <p> • “why can’t you fix your own broken leg, its much cheaper? Well you know, you cant. You need professional help. You need professionals in a lot of things.” – Forbes Riley <p> • “The more specific you are what you want, the more you get what you want.” – Forbes Riley <p> Resources Mentioned <p> • Check out Forbes’ new book, “What Have You Forbes’d Lately?” <p> • Check out her website at <a href="http://www.forbesriley.com/">http://www.forbesriley.com/</a> and at <a href="http://forbesfactor.com/">http://forbesfactor.com/</a>


#159 - Jordan Harbinger Full Interview

During this episode, Jordan Harbinger, award-winning broadcaster, entrepreneur and network expert talks to your host, Miro Wcislo. Find out how being the best at what you do makes a difference in your life. Episode Highlights: Should you pursue want you want in college? Why didn’t Jordan have inspiration in college? How did Jordan’s radio broadcast experience begin? Why didn’t Jordan’s mother wants him to be a broadcaster? Why did Jordan stopped practicing law for almost 10 years? Why do people avoid taking risks in their careers? How do you do something different from what the majority of people are doing? How do you become a person of influence? How did it feel being on a show you grew up listening to? Why did Jordan use his own name in his shows? How does it feel working with your wife? What are Jordan’s favorites? Key Points: Discover what you want to do and hone your skills through experience and apprenticeship. Constantly level up because everyone is doing the same thing, do something that makes you stand out from the rest. “It is much more freeing as a creator and artist” - Jordan Harbinger Tweetable Quotes: “I went to College because that’s how you make someone out of yourself, according to my parents.” “I went to graduate school because I didn’t have enough education to get the job that I wanted.” “I studied what I wanted to but I didn’t know what I wanted to do.” “You have to keep doing better.” “I can do whatever I want, so I can grow up and grow the brand.” Resources Mentioned: Visit Jordan’s website at : https://www.jordanharbinger.com/ Check out his Facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/JordanHarbinger Check out his Twitter at: https://twitter.com/JordanHarbinger Check out his Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/jordanharbinger/ Check out his YouTube channel at : https://www.youtube.com/thejordanharbingershow Check out his LinkedIn account at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanharbinger Check out his Podcast at : https://www.podcastone.com/the-jordan-harbinger-show


#156 - Ronsley Vaz "AMPLIFY" Interview

Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY, Australia’s first audio marketing agency. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur. He has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Psychology and Leadership. He is known as the creator of We Are Podcast – the first Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit Podcast, Should I Start a Podcast and a new audio documentary The Psychology of Entrepreneurship. He has an audience of over 3 million in 133 countries. Promo on Psychology of Entrepreneurship: https://mustamplify.com/poe-2/ We are trained to believe that if we are not doing something productive at every moment of every day that we are failing, that we are being left behind. That we are not working towards success. The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, hosted by Ronsley Vaz, brings to the public discussion insights from New York Times bestselling authors, founders of multi-million dollar companies, Olympic athletes, clinical psychologists, professors, high profile musicians and performing artists. Ronsley and his guests will cover every perspective and angle there is on the internal workings that happen in the mind of an Entrepreneur. Through conversations with these guest experts, whether they are jet fighter pilots or athletes or singers or entrepreneurs, we will find out why we believe that we're not good enough. Why we sell ourselves short on the things that we've done. To discover what really is imposter syndrome? In a society that makes you conform to all sorts of structures, standing out and being yourself is a rebellious act. There's never been a better time for you to be yourself. If you are an entrepreneur, artist, athlete or creative, one who makes something that didn't exist before, then this is for you.